Heavy Rains in Zimbabwe: Meteorological Services Department

This map shows the basis for the warning that we are issuing. Reference to it shows that virtually the whole country is expected to receive at least 50mm of rainfall in 24 hours. However, much of the Midlands are expected to receive more than 90mm hence the possibility of flash flooding and water logging.

Expected Heavy Rains Over The Country With Potential Flooding From Saturday 10 to Tuesday 13 December 2016

Press Release: 8 December 2016

The Department strongly advises that this is a heightened warning and urges the general public to take serious note of this.

Meteriorological Explanation

A cloud system currently affecting Botswana and South Africa is forecast to move into Zimbabwe from Friday 9 December. At the same time a low pressure system in the middle levels of the atmosphere should also enter the country from Zambia. This combination is conducive for increasing and squeezing the moisture in the country, hence increased precipitation.

Expected Weather From Saturday 10 to Tuesday 13 December 2016

Widespread heavy rains (in excess of 50mm in 24 hours) are forecast for throughout the country. In the high ground areas along the central and northern watershed as well as the Eastern Highlands, rainfall in excess of 80mm in 24 hours is highly probable. This is especially more so between Sunday 11 and Tuesday 13 December 2016.

Implications and Recommendations

Indications are that these rains may result in sharp downpours, damaging winds, lightning, hail and flash flooding. Uprooting of trees and damage to infrastructure cannot be ruled out with this type of rainfall intensity.

The Department, by way of this press release, is alerting responsible authorities such as Department of Civil Protection, Local Authorities, the Police, rescue services including religious organizations, power utilities, to be on the alert for the duration of this period.

The Department is also grateful to the partnership with the media regarding information on areas affected by disasters. The public is also being requested to provide feedback or information on disasters. We are on twitter, facebook and whatsapp as well as having a website.

In addition to the above, please contact the Public Weather Services on +263 4 778176 or monitor our daily weather forecasts.

Issued by Meteorological Services Department

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