Harare City Council Debt Woes

Harare City Council Advertorial On Rate Payments

Harare City Council urges all its customers to disregard a social media message purportedly from the Harare Residents Trust urging them to only pay US$10 to the local authority.

The city regards the message as not only irresponsible but a blatant campaign to derail service delivery and take Harare to pre-historic times.

Individual residents have a direct contract with City of Harare. When the city takes the Individual ratepayer to court over outstanding bills these so-called associations will not be there.

Council has always been available for debt discussions. Customers having difficulties in paying their debts should make payment arrangements at their nearest district offices and always ensure they pay the current bill. Debt accumulation results in loss of property through attachments by the Messenger of Court.

Municipal services are funded by consumers of the services. The average bill for a high density suburb is around US$25 while for medium to low density it Is US$56. If a resident uses more water the average bill could actually be more. So for any organisation which purports to represent the interests of Harare residents to campaign against the residents’ right to service delivery is not only defeatist but self serving and populist. This will have a negative impact on service delivery.

This notice serves to confirm that council has engaged WellCash Debt Collectors to assist in recovering nearly US$600 million that we are owed. Customers/Residents/the business community are urged to cooperate with WellCash Debt collectors. There is an option to pay to WellCash or directly to council.

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