Grapes: A choking hazard

My 2 year old son loves grapes and because I always buy seedless grapes, I did not put any thought to the fact that the actual grapes not just seeds, can be a choking hazard. It was only after I saw a post on social media about a boy much younger than my son who choked on a grape and unfortunately died that I realized the potential danger.

I highly recommend that you not only buy and wash seedless grapes but that you cut them the long way down to avert the danger. Also, don’t leave children unattended because even the safest things can become a danger when these little ones get mischievous. I also recommend that you take a First Aid class. Make it a goal for the new year. No one wishes for accidents but knowing how to react in the event that you have an emergency on your hands is always a plus!

Please share other potentially harmful foods with us in the comments below and how to ensure that our children still enjoy a wide variety of food in a safe way.

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