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zumba fitness zimshoppingmalls helensvale shops borrowdale coaches
Left to Right: Coach Phineas, Coach Gidza, Lead Coach Anesu & Coach Eve

ZimShoppingMalls held its first ever FREE Zumba session at Bubble Dry Cleaners in Helensvale last Saturday on October 13, 2018. The goal was to get the community fit, to promote healthy lifestyles and of course, to have fun. The combination of exercise and dance which is the essence of Zumba was the perfect way to achieve this goal.

The attendees of all ages primariy from Borrowdale showed up as early as 6:45am, kitted up and keen to dance their way to fitness. The air was cool and fresh and the four instructors had high energy, ready to make us sweat and boy, did we sweat! The event attracted a lot of attention at Helensvale Shopping Complex opposite Borrowdale police station. Some people watched, others said they’d definitely join in next time. There was a lady who dashed home, changed into comfortable clothes and came back to join in after finding out it was free ZUMBA; She even brought her son along. Others came from as far as Malborough and Strathaven to join in the fun. We may have broken a record with the very first zumba participant that had a baby on her back the entire time and it was our very own Chief Multimedia Officer at ZimShoppingMalls.

Thank you to everyone who participated and a big thank you to the sponsors (Supa Car Sounds & Protection, Bubble Dry Cleaners, Body Focus Spa & Business Profiles Directory) that came through with awesome prizes that were handed out after the zumba class.

zumba fitness zimshoppingmalls helensvale shops borrowdale sponsors

If you missed this last event don’t stress as we will be organizing another one soon; watch the ZimShoppingMalls Facebook page for updates. The next event will be even bigger and hoping that we’ve recovered from this last session, we’ll be there! We hope you will be too! Stay fit!

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