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Flash Drive Autorun

First things first: Flash Drives are one of the number one causes of viruses jumping from computer to computer.

Autorun is a Windows feature that allows automatic installation of applications from external CD/DVD players, USB flash drives, external hard disks or any other removable storage media. Sadly, when Microsoft introduced this feature with Windows 95, it opened gates to a flash drive autorun virus findaservicehorde of malware which could now easily replicate itself using the Autorun.inf file that was creaed to make life easier when installing files. Autorun.inf is not a virus in itself. It is a file that contains settings for the Windows Autorun feature. When you plug a USB flash drive into an infected computer, the virus copies itself to the flash drive, while creating an autorun.inf file in the process. When this flash drive is plugged into another computer, the virus launches automatically and infects that new computer and this is how it becomes viral.

There are several approaches to fixing this issue including messing around with registry keys and in this article we wont explain those. There is a simpler method that will do the trick. Flash drives are the major culprit in spreading these aurorun viruses. Flash drives are meant for sharing with friends and people in your life so they are continuously passed on, hopping from one computer to another making them the perfect carriers of aurorun viruses.

Immunizing your flash drive becomes extremely critical. Here’s how to do it.

Immunizing USB Flash Drives:
1. Open command prompt (cmd.exe).
2. Type your flash drive letter, for example if it is E:, type ”E:” without quotes and press enter.
3. Type the following commands :

mkdir autorun.inf
attrib +h +r +s +a autorun.inf
cd autorun.inf
mkdir .con

4. Press Enter key and close the command prompt.

How Does It Work?
With the mkdir (make directory) command we created a folder named autorun.inf in the root of pen drive so that virus can not create a file with the same name. “attrib +h +r +s +a autorun.inf” command makes the folder hidden(+h), read only(+r), system folder(+s) and turns it into an archive(+a), so that it is not easily targeted for deletion by viruses. With the cd (change directory) command we enter inside the newly created folder autorun.inf. Again with the make directory command, we create a sub-folder named con. ”con” is one of the MS-DOS reserved words and as such a folder with the name ”con” can not be created or deleted without using command prompt. The only other way to delete such a folder is to format the entire drive. Since the sub-folder ”con” can’t be deleted, its parent folder autorun.inf can not be deleted by virus as well.

Here Is Another Way To Achieve The Same:

  1. Create a root folder named “Autorun.inf” on the USB flash drive
  2. Create an empty text file named “Policy.txt” in the “Autorun.inf” folder
  3. Set the Properties of the “Autorun.inf” folder to “Read Only”
    1. Right-Click the Autorun.inf folder and Select “Properties”
    2.  Place a Check in the “Read-Only” Attributes
  4. Set the Properties of the “Policy.txt” file to “Read Only”
    1. Right-Click the Policy.txt file and Select “Properties”
    2. Place a Check in the “Read-Only” Attributes

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Alternatively you can get paid USB protection software but the above is effective at a great price of ZERO DOLLARS.

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