FoldiMate – Clothes Folding Machine

FoldiMate Clothes Folding Machine in Zimbabwe

Hate Folding Laundry? or simply don’t like the way others fold your clothes? You are in luck!

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A California Tech start-up has developed the “FoldiMate”, a machine they claim can fold clothes faster than you. The foldimate can also steam, soften and perfume your clothes. You probably think this machine is huge but it fits on top of a standard dryer. The convenience of the FoldiMate won’t come cheap! The company has not set a price yet but their team communicates that the gadget is targeted to be about $700-850 in the US. The additional functions such as the steam functionality will cost an additional $200-300 while perfume capsules will cost up to $40. Reports say that the machine will not fold your socks, under or other small pieces of clothing plus it wont fold huge items like your linen.

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You may recall in some tech blogs last year that a Japanese team unveiled the “Laundroid”.The obvious differences being that the Laundroid does not require clipping the clothes to the machine as in the case with the FoldiMate.

The Laundroid does however take longer to fold the clothes. Apparently both machines will be available for retail in 2018, although it’s reported the FoldiMate will start taking orders as early as 2017.

We may see a clothes folding machine in Zimbabwe much much sooner than you might think. Hopefully the price is not the typical cost times two plus VAT!

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