Fitness With Khumz – Week 2

Since my first article, I have received quite a number of requests to share my actual workouts so that folks can follow the same exercises I will be doing. I guess as time progresses these articles will also transform, hopefully in the right direction for those reading. I have also decided that along my journey, I will also feature one or two folks to share their experiences with getting in shape in particular through walking, jogging and/or running.

Please note that all my weeks actually start on Saturday and my articles will either be published on Thursday or Friday. Before I get into it I should also mention that I will not be posting “naked” photos of myself like in my first article (that was traumatic enough) jajaja but you can expect some skin every 3 months;)

Last Saturday, I went out for a jog with the usual jogging team from my community. We started a little late but nonetheless it was a good 12 km walk, jog and run. We split into 2 groups… one group walked mostly while the other group jogged and ran. Our goal is to stick together regardless so the group that ran would jog for about 50metres and sprint for about 50metres and walk another 50metres. At about the 3km mark we stopped to do a few crazy exercises… jajaja my poor companions had no idea how crazy things could get with me as the coach. We spent about 15 minutes doing lunges, squats, star jumps and jogging on the same sport lifting our knees high then kicking our butts… then it was back on the road again alternating jogging, sprinting and walking. This was the routine for most of the 12km. I should note that at the 6km mark we had another session that included a moment of madness where we shouted all the bad foods that we ate that week that we shouldn’t have… I struggled on Friday night as I ate a lot… I mean a whole shop of chocolates (see below image). My weakness is chocolates and red wine… jajaja By the time we finished everyone was in pain – but good pain.

fitness with khumz struggles

As if Saturday was not bad enough, we met again at our usual time and took a different route. The way we workout is that every outing we have a different volunteer to take us through the exercises but I occasionally like to add a little spice to keep things “interesting”. Sundays are normally our more chilled days but not this last Sunday… tjoh!!! We again repeated the routine from Saturday with variations that included running backwards on our toes to really work on those calves. I should mention that we always start with a good warm-up session to get the blood flowing and the muscles warmed up. We also added “Doggy Leg Raises” – anyone that went to PE will remember these – jejeje…. Jogging on the same spot raising knees high and alternating with kicking our butts is one of my favorites because it really gets those lungs working and occasionally we do that sprinting on the same spot for a good minute or two. On this day we also added 6inch leg raises and crunches… ouch!!!

Our goal as a team is to run together at least 3 times per week… I failed to go out on Wednesday but I made up for it by going out on Thursday morning by myself. I have to give credit here to my good friend Nonokai that always finds time to exercise no matter how hectic her schedule gets – keep at it girl… you got this!!! She often shares her workout routine with me and that in itself and her witty conversations always inspire me to get out and get exercising. Another amazing inspiration is my big brother and OldBoy Ben… Ben has inspired me for a few years so he was more than thrilled to see me get started and immediately came to my inbox with much encouragement… Before I tell you about my run today here is what Ben would like to say to you all…

Jog “first thing” in the morning before your brain figures out what you are up to; Essentially the jogging process is a necessary evil, the more you think about doing it the more excuses you find not to. Conversely and most importantly the after effects are fantastic for mental and physical health. To keep you motivated you first need to set a goal such as competing in a marathon, ½ marathon, 10km, 5km 2½km and so on it has to be something reasonably achievable. Secondly set a minimum daily target, for me it is 5km or 30 minutes whichever I reach first I am guaranteed a workout. Remember it is the minimum, if you are feeling great after achieving that minimum set, then carry on running if you have more time to run maybe increase the duration and distance. Record every single one of your runs, an App like strava or runkeeper is great I use both, helps to connect with like minded people. If not take photos on the way, you’d be surprise how looking back at some photo of a previous run can inspire you. All the above point to a complete lifestyle change, you are running because you want to but you also have to accept the journey is an endless one. Naturally the more regular you do it the easier it becomes, therefore it is vital you keep setting short and long term targets. Personally I run 5 to 7 times a week and every Saturday morning for 3 years I do the world famous 5km parkrun founded in by fellow Zimbabwean, Paul Sinton-Hewitt. On the run up to Christmas I have a 14 day target to run 100km in total. In 2020 I aim to compete in several 10km races and maybe a 100km charity bike ride. Good luck

…words from OldBoy Ben Ngombe
fitness with khumz featuring oldboy ben ngombe
Ben Ngombe

Thanks for inspiring Ben… I hope to compete in a race next year. Will keep you posted broh.

So as I said earlier, I went out alone this morning. I decided I was going to time myself and see how long it would take me. It was not a race but rather a steady consistent jog. I ran, for the first time since 1996, 12km without stopping or walking – ouch!!! It took me… wait for it… wait for it… 1hour 15minutes to jog 12km. The first 6km took me exactly 35 minutes and then the 6km back home took me 40minutes for a total time of 75 minutes… I need that smartwatch because I had to use my little ol school phone (okungu Ndori-ndori/kambudzi) to capture the time and such an inconvenience to keep track! Santa make it happen!!! So I now have a goal to run 12km in 1 hour before year-end and hopefully in  50 minutes by April 30th 2020… Anyone else feeling inspired? My advice is don’t rush yourself… They say slow and steady wins the race… but I like to say 4Ps win the race!!!

Wondering what the 4 Ps are? Just read my next article. How is your training coming along? Share your experiences and comments on my journey in the comment section below…

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