Fitness With Khumz – Week 1

Hey there, so I used to be super fit with big chunky muscles and a 6 pack then life happened and I involuntarily traded-in the muscles for the other stuff and also traded in my 6 pack for the amazing one pack!!!

Fast forward many many many years of abuse to my body and deteriorated health, I find myself in November 2019 seriously thinking about my health. It could be because of work stress or perhaps just early mid-life crisis but whatever the motivation… I have decided to start working out again by jogging with members of my community and I’m hoping to blog about my journey once a week and share my struggles and successes in the hope of maybe inspiring someone out there to get fit and lead a healthier life.

Please note that you must see a physician before engaging in any fitness program; all my publications are for entertainment only. I am not a trained physician nor am I a qualified trainer… I’m just a guy that wants to age gracefully kuphela (only) and if possible not age at all… jajaja

The good thing is that I will not be using hard medical jargon to try and sound more intelligent than I really am so you can expect very simple English with some Ndebele words here and there… If you want to know my background then you can see a brief profile here (

Feel free to try some of my workout routines and crazy diets; I may, if permitted, post twitter updates through the @zimshoppingmall twitter handle so hey let’s engage and get fit together. We can be virtual workout buddies;)

So don’t laugh, I will be sharing some images of my progress and eventually some videos… I’m not really a funny guy but will try to not be boring jajaja. Anyways… below are photos I took this afternoon – goodness me. So I’m hoping to have a six-pack by February 2020 working out just 3 times a week. Feel free to engage with me in the comments below. I will try to respond to all messages. Remember to always seek the advice of a qualified physician as my posts are for entertainment purposes only.

Before I post the photos, I just want to thank Nonokai for inspiring me to get fit… And of course my jogging team from my community that I have been jogging with for the past 2 weeks. As I mentioned I will only be jogging 3 times per week and no more!!! With my jogging partners’ permission, I may occasionally share our workout photos…

fitness with khumz zimshoppingmalls abs six pack
“the truth hurts – the hurt should move you!!!” Khumz 2019

Remember to follow @zimshoppingmall twitter handle and to like the ZimShoppingMalls Facebook page for regular updates and workout routines. Thanks fam! In February 2020 I hope to show you images of my new 25-year-old body…. jajaja Ncane Butho – be inspired!!!

So… let’s get her done folks!!! Check back on for my weekly updates.

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Thiso Mabasa
Thiso Mabasa

Khumz l am in. If what l remember of your fitness levels back then ( 2009 there about) is anything to go by sign me up for this journey you are in. Am inspired already.

Busani Khumalo
Busani Khumalo

Let’s do this! No to moobs!