FREE Flash Drive Autorun Virus Protection

Flash Drive Autorun First things first: Flash Drives are one of the number one causes of viruses jumping from computer to computer. Autorun is a Windows feature that allows automatic installation of applications from external CD/DVD players, USB flash drives, external hard disks or any other removable storage media. Sadly, when Microsoft introduced this feature […]

Is Business Like Sex

I laughed so hard a few minutes ago when I read a post on a whatsapp group that said doing business is a lot like having sex. You and your customers are partners. If you do not perform or do it right you will be cheated on and being left is inevitable; you risk losing […]

Car Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning Lights tell us something is wrong. Most of the time we don’t know what the lights/symbols truly represent so I have decided to write this article to educate drivers so that you can better understand issues with your car and explain problems to your mechanic like a boss… Unlike cars that come with […]

Welcome to Find A Service

Welcome to Find A Service! The best site to buy and sell services! This is a platform for you to list your services only so that all those looking for you will find you much easier and buy your services. THE SERVICE INDUSTRY HAS BEEN waiting for this!!! It’s really easy for service providers to […]