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Our client, based in Zimbabwe is looking for an investor in their start-up company Budgeted financial are available to prospective investors.

The Need and Gap:
Almost every household and institution in Zimbabwe requires the services of a service provider every week e.g. mechanics, plumbers, electricians, builders, consultants, teachers etc. Thousands of service providers struggle to ensure the market, which can often be in different social circles and geographic regions, can easily find their services at any time of the day.

There is no simple platform or system to enable people to easily find a service at any time and review the service providers along with other details, such as ratings from actual past clients, to help them select a suitable service provider.

The Opportunity:
FindaService is a platform that answers the need for people to easily find service providers and because it’s an online system, it makes it possible to connect service providers with anyone looking for their services regardless of time, geographic location or social network. Those buying services will be able to do so using mobile money or online banking services and through the optional use of escrow accounts for a small fee.

FindaService needs a cash investment of $30000. A break-down of how the funds will be utilized is available to approved prospective investors. In exchange, the client is offering a 20% stake in the business. Details of the investment stake are flexible depending on the final form of investment agreed on.

Primary Revenues:
$20 a year for a simple/standard service listing or $5 monthly plan for a simple/standard listing.
Secondary Revenues:
Details available to approved prospective investors.

Fees are per service. For example a single service provider might want to list 2 separate services at $20 per service. With above budget, membership could be grown at 100 new members listing on average 2 services ($4000) per month (very conservative) with an annual estimated Turnover of $40000-48000 from standard listings in the first 12 months.

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