How it Works - FindaProject

FindaProject connects serviceproviders/freelancers and users looking for help on project work/development, usually called employers throughout FindaProject. Employers needing to hire a freelancer to work on a project simply need to submit the project details and their budget and wait for the candidates to submit reasonable quotations or bids.

What Kind Of Projects Can You Post Here?

Try any kind of project you can think of!!! A variety of experts from every technical, creative and professional sector you can think of providing services for small to large projects at flat fees or hourly terms. Just post your project with as much detail as possible and sit back as freelancers send you quotations for their help to complete your project. It’s that easy… 

How Does It Work?

    • Post your project
      • It’s ALWAYS FREE to post your project
      • Add enough detail to ensure the right freelancers bid for your project
    • Freelancers Review Posted Projects
      • Freelancers apply to projects using credits they receive from FindaProject
    • Choose the perfect freelancer for your project
      • Monitor each new candidate profile
      • Compare proposals and select the best one
      • Award your project and initiate the development terms discussion
      • As soon as the development terms are agreed your freelancer goes to work
    • Secure Your Payment By Using Our Escrow Service (Optional)
      Pay safely using our escrow service – we release payments according to a schedule of goals you set, or pay only on completion. You decide, you are in control.

Escrow will also be supported through PayPal meaning that transactions between parties are secured and guaranteed for each party. This service through paypal will be available soon.

More Features

User Dashboard

The dashboard is the nerve center for users – a single page where they have access to all their notifications, projects, proposals, purchases, reviews, contact info, site stats and favorites. Each project is clearly marked with its current status.

Participants Workspace

After a project is assigned to a freelancer, both participants, employer and freelancer, get access to a unique Workspace were they can both manage the project. It acts like the core hub for a project were all the related information can be accessed and managed.

Terms Negotiation

After an employer chooses a project candidate, it’s important that both parties agree their terms for the project before the official assignment. At this time,employers and freelancers can negotiate with each other until they are both happy their terms.

Escrow Account

For each agreed project we can hold the money until work ends. On completed projects, the money held in escrow minus any site commissions will be automatically transferred to the freelancer. On non completed projects, employers are automatically refunded less minimal service charges.

Choose Candidates

Employers can easily access their projects proposals from within their dashboard and from there analyze and choose the winning proposal. At this time, the proposal author becomes a candidate to work on the project. Project proposals are only viewable by the owner of the project  or employer and the one who submitted the proposal/bid (proposal author).

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