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Hiring the right skills-set is critical for any organization’s progress and survival in any economy; even more important in developing economies like Zimbabwe. With a vast pool of our people looking for work it’s important to hire the right person for the job.  Most businesses located in Shopping Malls and Shopping Centres don’t have the resources to engage employment agencies to find the right employees. ZonkeJobs.com answers this challenge and a few more critical ones…

Job_interviewThe cost of using this resource is FREE to all businesses that are listed on ZimShoppingMalls.com. If you wish to use this service but your business is not listed on the ZimShoppingMalls network then please contact any one of our agents for assistance or contact us via email.

ZonkeJobs is FREE for all job seekers to use. Upload your resume for FREE and browse jobs plus get email alerts for jobs that suit the criteria you are looking for in a career job. Spread the word about this great new service.


Don’t stress about job search, use our listings to find the right internship or job and our tools to create a winning resume and our blog articles to best prepare for your interview. Keep an eye out for our career conferences at your university and come through to hear what HR Managers look for in hiring College graduates. Take advantage of this platform because it’s effective and FREE! Create your account today on ZonkeJobs.com and become visible to businesses looking for University grads across Zimbabwe.

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