Find A Service Platform Launched

Find A Service is the best site to buy and sell services!

ZimShoppingMalls FindaService LaunchThis is a platform for you to list your services only so that all those looking for you will find you much easier and buy your services. THE SERVICE INDUSTRY HAS BEEN waiting for this!!! It’s really easy for service providers to list your services and even easier for clients to purchase your services or to contacts you to discuss further.


Look around! See something you like? Press Buy on the service and fill out the task request form. The provider will then contact you through email to discuss payment details. When the provider has received your payment, the task request will be marked as Paid.

Finally, when the provider has finished the task, the task request will be marked as Completed. Make sure the task was preformed as asked, and then mark the request as Confirmed! Finally, you can give the service provider a rating to how awesome of a job they did!


Post up your service for users to view. When a user decides they want to purchase your service, they will fill out a task request with any special instruction they’d like to give you. Both you and the buyer will be sent a confirmation email along with contact details. You can then contact the user with details on how they should transfer payment to you.

After you have received payment from the buyer, mark the task request as Paid. Then, when you have completed work on the task, mark it as Completed. The user will verify that you have completed the task and mark it as Confirmed.

That’s all there is to it!

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