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ZimShoppingMalls FindaDiscount LaunchThe purpose of the platform is simply to get you (the shopper) the best discount on your purchase and save you money in the process. Check back frequently as retailers will post regular new promotions valid for a specific period. All the retailers listed on have FREE access to this platform. If your membership is up to date but your coupons are not published please contact as soon as possible to resolve this issue.


If you are a retailer that would like to use this platform for your sales promotion discount coupons but not be listed on, please contact one of our agents or contact us directly for assistance. There is a monthly cost to non members… Members get this service for FREE and more (See your member package or visit About Us on


To use the service, simply search for the product you are looking for, or the shop/business, or coupon code if you have one and then print the desired coupons to present to the shop/business in order to qualify for your discount. Note that some stores will accept coupons saved on your phone but most businesses require that you bring the printed coupon. The coupon does not need to be printed in colour, a black & white copy will be acceptable as long as it was printed from

Check back on this website frequently for articles on how to best use this site and tips on how to reduce your shopping bill and save money. When you save money, effectively you are making money so don’t overlook the value in discount coupons… you could save enough for that next kitchen appliance you have been putting off or the next leather couch for your living room. Smart shopping saves you (The Shopper) a lot of money… and increases turnover for the retailer.

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Whoop whoop i love discount coupons.