FAQs About Pregnancy

Q: How soon after sex can I take a home pregnancy test?

A: Three weeks after you last had unprotected sex or on the first day of your missed period. Taking a home pregnancy test too early may give a false negative as levels of HcG (pregnancy hormone) may be too little to detect but build up as the pregnancy progresses. You may also get a blood test done for more accurate results.

Q: When should my first antenatal visit be?

A: Your healthcare provider will schedule you for a visit at 8 weeks. They may however want to see you sooner if you have difficulties with pregnancy in the past, have a medical condition or are bleeding exessively, have severe nausea or abdominal pains.

Q: When does the baby start kicking?

A: An ultrasound can pick up baby’s movements called quickening as early as 7 weeks but you will only feel it at around 16-22 weeks if it is your first pregnancy. Some women who have been pregnant before report to feeling the baby move around 13 weeks. In any case, if you do not feel baby moving by week 24 you are advised to go and see your doctor.

Q: What am I not supposed to eat?

A: No alcohol, less caffeinated drinks, less fish (no shark or sushi), no cold meats, no under-cooked meat, no unpasteurized milk/milk products, no sour milk and make sure you heat up deli food to kill bacteria and eat it hot. Feel like I’ve just crossed out everything? Don’t despair. There are lots of things that you can eat that are good for you and the baby. Check out these articles for more information 1, 2 & 3.

Q: I have an itchy, burning sensation down there. Should I be worried?

A: You may have a yest infection and this is very common in pregnant women as the increased levels of estrogen encourages the yeast to grow faster. There are over the counter creams but you are discouraged from self medicating especially during pregnancy so go see your doctor and they will prescribe something for you. If it does not clear within a week, go and see them again perhaps for something stronger or for more tests. Yeast infection does not harm the unborn baby. They may however contact it through delivery if you have the infection during your time of labor. It is easily treatable though so don’t worry mom.

Q: Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

A: Generally it is safe to have sex all through pregnancy right up to delivery unless your doctor tells you not to for example in cases such as if you have vaginal bleeding, placenta previa or if you are at risk of premature delivery.

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