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office christmas party

Are you having an office party this holiday season?

If you answered yes then keep reading if you answered no then you need to write your boss a 5 page letter asking why you are not having a Christmas (Staff Appreciation) party this year…?

Half the battle is choosing where to have your Office Christmas party. Once you find the venue then most of the work is done. We are going to share a few tricks on how to pick the right venue for your office party in Zimbabwe so you can quickly put down the deposit before someone beats you to it.

Consider the following:

1) Location, Location, Location…

Keep in mind that not everyone drives to work. Also not all employers give staff taxi money to attend Christmas parties especially in these tough economic times, so the venue you pick must be easily accessible and easy to find to ensure that your party has a high turn-out ratio. You don’t want to organize a party that will have just you and the guy from accounts! yup!!! Imagine that! Make sure your event has plenty parking space for those driving and is easily accessible by kombis. It’s a good idea to verify how late public transport is available to and from the event otherwise some people may not attend simply because no one wants to get stuck at the venue without a sure way to get back home safely.

2) Size of the venue

You really have to get it right here. You don’t want a venue that is too big for your team but also you don’t want a venue that will make everyone feel like little sardines! Find a venue that is appropriate for your group and the activities you plan on for the event. If dancing is part of the festivities then ensure a venue that has an adequate dance floor or one where the tables can be removed to create the dance floor.

3) The Vibe

I’m sure you guessed the next thing on the list would be the vibe. You have to understand your team dynamics before settling for a place to ensure that the venue compliments your team vibe. If the venue is too party or club like nut your team vibe is reserved then you are headed for a disastrous Christmas party. Make sure you visit the venue so that you understand the vibe; it’s actually a good idea to visit the venue on a similar day and time as you plan on having your event so that you get a good idea of the atmosphere of the venue on the day of your event. The wrong vibe can make the year seem like such a boring unprogressive year for the team. You want a vibe that will also communicate the right message to your group so that everyone, including yourself, look forward to returning to work after the holidays.

4) What’s included?

Some venues will include the decor, bar tenders, servers for example. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in your fee so that you can make a more informed decision. You don’t want to make assumptions and dampen the party because the bill is too high as a result of your oversight. Ask as many questions before you settle on a venue to make sure you have a pretty good idea of what your total bill will be so that you avoid any surprises on the day. It’s also a good idea to speak to your party planner and know all the activities planned for the party. Imagine your boss intends to give a speech using overhead visuals but you pick a venue that can’t facilitate that. The next time the venue could be your office because you failed to find a venue that allowed for work and pleasure to co-exist.

Once you have reviewed all the above then you are ready to secure an event for the office holiday party to celebrate and show appreciation for the hard work and successes of your team. An important factor in the planning process is choosing a venue that creates a fun and festive atmosphere, but also meets your group’s needs and event requirements as mentioned above so don’t overlook the small detail. Make sure the event offers you an incentive or discount to use them for your office function. Zimbabwe is only just getting comfortable with using ZimDiscount coupons so ensure if the venue is not offering a promotion through ZimDiscounts.com that they offer some sort of incentive if you use their venue over another venue.

Feel free to check in regularly on www.ZimDiscounts.com to see promotions from venues such as Maestro Restaurant, Pabloz, The Centurion or caterers like Sugar and Spice.

Remember: Don’t Drink and Drive. The holidays are time to relax and have fun with friends and family but i’s important to be safe and make it back in the new year to work even harder and achieve bigger and better goals.

Happy holidays from all of us at ZimShoppingMalls.com

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