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We are excited to launch the school news section of our directory. More news categories to come…

  • Soon to be the vibrant community of school content curators
  • Articles organized neatly into logical categories
  • Beat the information overload and go directly to the categories that interest you
  • Never miss an article with optional subscription tools. We don’t spam – you will only get notifications for the categories you subscribe to
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As you probably already know, the online magazine contains a series of articles relevant to shoppers interested in purchasing anything in Zimbabwe from products to services including, but limited, to education services. The magazine has a column dedicated to ‘Education and School’ publications… for example, the article on ‘How To Pick A Good School.‘ Such publications are edited before posting to ensure the standard expected on the online magazine. feels that it is imperative that schools have the ability to post relevant news articles on this directory section of the ZimShoppingMalls network to keep readers well informed and up-to-date with developments in their respective schools. This allows schools to have a turn-key functional online news platform – saving every school that is listed on the directory hundreds of dollars in a stand alone service. This Directory News section is going to serve that purpose.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR SCHOOLS: Make sure you get your username and password and begin writing articles to ensure that parents and students are frequently updated on your great achievements and why your school is a better choice.

The posts you will find here could include special articles written specifically for this site by schools listed on or relevant articles pulled from other platforms, including school Facebook pages and blog sections of school websites. This is a new function that we will continue to upgrade over the coming weeks.

Schools listed on the directory listing are already able to publish articles on this section of our platform. If you need the login credentials of your school please contact us via this support email address: support(at)schooldirectory(dot)co(dot)zw. Now it will be much easier to stay informed on all the news from the different schools that want you to know what they have been up to.

December 6, 2016 |

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