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We are excited to launch the school news section of our directory. More news categories to come…

  • Soon to be the vibrant community of school content curators
  • Articles organized neatly into logical categories
  • Beat the information overload and go directly to the categories that interest you
  • Never miss an article with optional subscription tools. We don’t spam – you will only get notifications for the categories you subscribe to
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As you probably already know, the online magazine contains a series of articles relevant to shoppers interested in purchasing anything in Zimbabwe from products to services including, but limited, to education services. The magazine has a column dedicated to ‘Education and School’ publications… for example, the article on ‘How To Pick A Good School.‘ Such publications are edited before posting to ensure the standard expected on the online magazine. feels that it is imperative that schools have (more…)

December 6, 2016 |
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