Dineo Cyclone Downgraded To Tropical Storm

cylone dineo downgraded tropical storm

According to meteorologists, cyclone Dineo that made landfall in Mozambique late Wednesday between 8pm and midnight appears to be dying down.

South African Weather Services (SAWS) said Southern Mozambique suffered torrential rain and winds in excess of 100km/h causing extensive damage to property in that region.

Just as Zimbabweans, especially those in Southern Zimbabwe were bracing themselves for the much publicized cyclone, according to SAWS, Dineo cyclone was downgraded to a tropical depression and renamed “ex-Dineo”.

The Met Services Department of Zimbabwe has released statements that despite the downgrading of Dineo cyclone, heavy rains, strong winds & flooding are expected to affect most parts of Zimbabwe and has called for continued warning campaigns countrywide. It’s very important for citizens to move to safer areas and adjust travel plans to areas that may be at high risks from ‘ex-Dineo’.

We urge everyone to please be safe especially those in areas prone to flash flooding. You may read our previous article on how to stay safe in storms and heavy rains by clicking HERE.

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