Craft Favourable Policies – Government Told

Government must craft favourable policies

By Peter Tinashe Kaviya

Musician Kessia Magosha has called on government through the responsible government arms to look at ways to partner artistes and promoters of the Jam Session.

The musical nights hosted every Monday at City Sports Bar have seen a mix of upcoming and established artistes showcasing their talents, a situation the artiste believes the government must partner in an effort to help develop the arts industry in the country.

In an interview with Showbiz on the sidelines of her performance at this week’s edition of Jam Session, the artiste said the sessions had given a lot of artistes hope and it was only right for government to partner the promoters.

“The sessions have come as a great relief to many artistes. It has given them hope and motivation. Many have for long been trying to find space and an audience to showcase their talents with little success,but the sessions have given us a platform,” said Kessia Mangosha.

“Art and music is a very important industry and I think its high time government looks at ways to compliment the promoters’ efforts.

“The nights are now very popular and the following has grown. I think it will be the right move for the responsible ministry to take advantage of the sessions and present a perfect opportunity for interaction and also talent identification,” she said.

Kessia Magosha findanevent in zimbabweThe 36 year old artiste also urged the government to look into ways of creating a favorable arts and cultural policy that will put in place strategies that will provide a platform for artistes to grow their talent and also to regulate and promote local arts.

“If you look at countries like Jamaica and Nigeria, there are culture policies that promote the growth of the arts sector and also the welfare of artistes and these countries have got some of the biggest arts industries in the world” said Kessia.

“Our government should also look at ways at implementing a culture policy that governs many aspects of arts including promotion, creativity, marketing and even welfare of artistes. It should be policy that upcoming artistes be given a platform and support they need. Programs like the Jam Session are perfect platforms for the government to start such programs because this is where most upcoming artists are being discovered.” she added.

The Jam Session which has been running since the beginning of the year have to date seen a lot of artistes being given a chance to showcase their talents with some now enjoying success.

Dawning performers like Mbeu, Andy Muridzo and Afro Wave have enjoyed reasonable success after performing at the sessions, while yesteryear greats like Tedius Matsito, Elijah Madzikatire, Josphat Somanje and Dino Mudondo have also taken their chances in a bid to re-launch their fading careers.

This week’s edition saw Bulawayo heavy based artistes sharing the stage with Harare finest with Sandra Ndebele, Khuliyo, Derek Majaivana, Albert Nyathi, Jays Marabini, Mbeu, Talking Guitars, Bev and Andy Muridzo all delivering solid performances.

Source: Showbiz

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