Zero Electricity Aircon – Cool your room for less than $2 this summer

Zero Electricity Aircon Readily Available in Zimbabwe

This article is based on Bangladesh’s Ashis Paul’s invention to cooling a room without the need for electricity and using empty plastic bottles that are available in abundance throughout Zimbabwe – the Zero Electricity Aircon. We estimated you will need less that $2 cash to achieve this.

Before we jump into the brilliant plastic bottle cooling system (Zero Electricity Aircon), try these two easy exercises:

  1. Hold your hand out in front of your face with your palm facing your lips.  Blow your palm with your mouth wide open and note that the air feels hot on your palm.
  2. Hold out your hand in front of your face with your palm facing your lips.  Blow your palm with your lips pursed and you will note that pursing your lips cools the air.

Now why should you care about this in Zimbabwe?

African Hot Sun FindaService ZimShoppingMallsMost Zimbabweans can’t afford air conditioners and in fact most Zimbabweans live in the rural areas with little to no access to electricity. Some may have solar panels but even those are limited to a few that can afford them. Most people in urban and rural Zimbabwe have accepted to living with the heat conditions in the summer and doing almost nothing to cool themselves down except for the good old sitting under a tree to enjoy a cool breeze. WHAT IF YOU WANT TO BE IN YOUR ROOM BUT IT’S JUST TOO HOT?

Bangladesh experiences scorching temperatures with little escape, as many do not have the means to power an aircon. As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. This couldn’t be more right for one Ashis Paul of Bangladash who developed the cooling system that uses zero electricity (ZESA), only requiring empty plastic bottles and a cardboard that fit’s on a window.. Paul’s company, Eco Coolers has installed thousands of such cooling systems and his genius invention continues to be adopted in Bangladesh and parts of the world where electricity and/or air conditioners are not an accessible solution. This is allegedly the world’s first ever zero electricity air conditioner with the ability to reduce temperatures by at least 5 degrees celcius depending on the conditions. Imagine reducing your room temperature from 30 Degrees  Celsius to just 25 Degrees Celsius or less and all that for virtually zero dollars.

See why this is a solution worth telling every Zimbabwean about…

The Eco Cooler Blueprint: How To Make Your Own Cooling System

Eco Cooler Blueprint FindaService ZimShoppingMalls

  • To make a homemade cooling system, grab a piece of a heavy duty cardboard and trim it to fit the window of your choice.
  • Next, cut holes in a grid pattern that are large enough for a bottle neck, but be sure the cuts are spaced out according to the size of the bottle.
  • Find as many used bottles as you can, and the bigger the size difference between the body and the rim, the better, notes Eco-Cooler.
  • Slice along the body of the bottle and cut away the tops of the caps before placing them back on the bottle – this helps fix the bottle into the board.
  • Pushing the cut bottle from the outer side of the board, twist the cap from the inner side and tighten in to keep the bottle in place.
  • And finally, place the Eco-Cooler in the window with the wide part of the bottles facing outside.
  • Hot air will rush into each bottle, which is pushed to the rim where it starts to expand – this expansion is what cools the air before it enters the room.

Eco Cooler Blueprint FindaService ZimShoppingMalls
Hopefully this article will help one or two people stay cool this summer. Here is an idea: Share this with your facebook friends and see which friends will be among the first to build this zero electricity aircon for their grand parents kumusha/ekhaya. Send us photos of your creation.

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Tatenda Edington Muriwa

very cheap

Takemore Muchekayawa

super cool


Tatenda Edington Muriwa Takemore Muchekayawa we need to share this post and spread the word on this and ensure all our people, epecially those in remote Zimbabwe, have access to this cheap affordable technology this summer.

Tatenda Edington Muriwa

I am shared this post in our groups to spread the world

Mashiri Shamiso

Waal affordable