Business Showers – A Must?

Business Showers? You are probably thinking “what on earth is a business shower?“, just like I did when I first heard the term on our Class of 1996 PE OldBoys Whatsapp group? Well, the whole world has heard about Baby Showers and I mean the good and the bad; the debates about whether dads should attend them, etc. One thing we all agree on is that when you attend a Baby Shower it is customary to bring the expecting mom a gift that will ease life when the baby comes. Now back to Business Showers…

What Is A Business Shower?

A Business Shower is a new innovative way that your loved ones, colleagues, clients come together to express their joy through gift-giving at the launch of your business or the announcement of your soon to start a new business. It’s a ceremony or a gift-giving party that celebrates this new life in the form of a business that you are about to launch.

Business Shower Zimbabwe zimshoppingmalls business profiles

Some might think, how can we compare bringing a baby into this world to starting a business… Well, they are actually quite similar (I’m covering my eyes right now because being a man, I have no clue what it truly feels like to literally bring a baby into this world – at least not the way women do). But, based on the vast knowledge I have been exposed to in my life I can safely say the two are quite similar because your business is your baby.

There was a post on twitter that got popular in 2018 for this Business Shower idea and apparently for accusations of stealing the idea from the original post. In any case, the tweet said:

“Instead of baby showers, let’s host Business Showers. When a friend starts a business, we all come together, congratulate them and bring resources for their business.”


What an excellent idea!!! Whoever originally came up with the idea is my hero because if we celebrate Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries etc… why can’t we in the same or similar fashion celebrate the birth of a new business? Every entrepreneur will testify to the pain and hardship the journey to inception can be… It only makes sense that we honor this journey by celebrating the new business with a Business Shower.

Do you see having kids as a long term investment and a full-time job? If you answered YES then already you can see the similarities with starting or launching a new business! If you answered NO then you need to take a good look in the mirror and beyond that… I can’t help you. jajaja Watching your baby or business grow is one of the most rewarding feelings!

Business Showers Zimbabwe zimshoppingmalls business profiles

The reasons for having a Business Shower are very similar to those of having a Baby Shower. Attend with financial gifts or tools that will make growing the new business easier for the entrepreneur. For the Business Owner… even if you don’t receive a single gift at your Business Shower, don’t think it failed because by virtue of getting many like-minded people and your supporters together, you may benefit from ideas and even just encouragement to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit. A carefully planned and executed Business Shower will immediately start growing your business even if you don’t receive a single gift.

So, as soon as I read this term that Ben Moyo posted via a flyer that he probably also got from another person via Social Media, I thought to myself “Wow… What an incredible Idea for Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs and clients on ZimShoppingMalls!” As a result, all new businesses that sign up for the FULL eCommerce Package on ZimShoppingMalls will also get our services to plan, market and attend their Business Shower; essentially we will offer you our event planning and organizing services FREE of charge with minimum conditions attached such as having a few of our ZimShoppingMalls banners at your event.

Are you an entrepreneur and would like to mingle with like-minded people? Attend our next Business Shower… Details will be posted on our ZimShoppingMalls Facebook Page

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