Bun In The Oven

My son turns 1 soon. It’s amazing how time flies. It feels like just yesterday that I held him in my arms for the first time and felt overwhelming love but also concern as to whether his skin was always going to be flaky… Hahaha, yes I said it and not enough moms are honest about their thoughts on the condition of their new born baby, fresh out of the “sack”. However, i had a c-section so I did not have the good fortune of seeing him all covered in goo and although I’m not that squeamish, I am glad they cleaned him up a lil’ first while I was still passed out on the anesthesia. I’m very happy to say that his flakey skin had normalized within a few days so next time around I won’t be so concerned. First time moms! What are you gonna do :-)?

bun in the ovenI must say, I love baking and thank God for the glass window on my oven through which I can peak every so often to check on the progress of my masterpiece otherwise the anxiety would kill me. Now humans on the other hand, were not made like ovens. we do not have a glass window and that was one thing I really struggled with when my son was “baking” in my tummy. Wondering if he was developing well, wondering if he was on track and not going to come out half baked. I kept him in there for 10 extra days from the expected date of delivery (E.D.D) just to make sure. My hubby might

have actually been more anxious than I was and constantly asked whose eyebrows or toenails I thought our son would have. Bless his soul. I would always calmly respond, “Relax love, we’ll find out soon enough,” but under that cool exterior I harbored very real concerns of my own.

My husband and I kept track of our sons growth by reading pregnancy apps which gave us a week by week preview of what was most likely happening to the young fetus. That usually calmed me down but when it didn’t, I nagged my husband to take me for a scan and that was my way of peaking into the oven. When the time was up, the bell went off & out came this perfect little boy whose first instinct was to eat (just like his mommy, lol) all the fussing was really unnecessary after all. Again, knowing this will help a lot next time around. If you do not have kids yet and are hoping to or are pregnant I say to you, “Relax love, everything is coming together just the way it should!” If you are pregnant or have been through the experience please do share your concerns with us and how you are dealing or dealt with them. Your story can help a lotta people or give us something to laugh about at the very least. Spread the happiness 🙂

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