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I got my first watch as a birthday present when I was 14. It had navy blue medium sized straps with a rectangular face and I just loved it. Until a session of touch rugby with my cousins in the front yard ended with a broken strap and a very sad teenager. My second watch was from my uncle whom I was named after. Needless to say, it was also very special and I was more careful with it. I took it off during sport time and monkeying around time so it lasted longer… till the battery went flat.

I then remembered that I’d seen a guy once, at some corner with a cardboard sign, “Watch Repairs Hear”. I should have taken the misspelling of ‘Here’ as a sign but I’ve always believed that formal education is not the only form of intelligence. I also didn’t have a fat piggy bank so I figured roadside guy would have to do. I left both my watches, he said I could pay on collection and that was that.

A few days later I came to the corner to collect my watches but he wasn’t there. I tried a few more times refusing to believe that I may have been conned but no joy – he probably couldn’t fix the watches properly so he chose to flee. Fast forward many years to when my husband’s watch battery went flat and my watch fell face down and cracked, I thought oh boy! What will I do since my last experience with a watch repairer was a bad?

This time however, with a slightly bigger piggy bank I thought I ought to go to one of these jewellery stores to find out if they can repair our watches but I just couldn’t find the time (pun intended, LOL). We tucked them away for years until we came across them last week whilst looking for other precious, hidden away, a little too well, stuff. I pulled them out and the very next day, went to the jewellers at the village who then said they didn’t offer that service but referred me to the Watch Maker!

A Watch Maker? Here? At the Village? I’d walked right past his sign next to QV on that day and every other time that I was at Sam Levy’s before that, which is a lot! That’s how I met John – The Watch Maker. John was very helpful and pleasant. Replaced the battery while I waited and told me to collect the one needing a glass replacement in a couple of days. Sure enough, the watch was ready when he said it would be and it was just great that he, although not being a merchant, takes Ecocash with no extra charges. We really need more honest and caring business people in our communities.

I also liked that John embraces technology in his Harare watch repair business by using whatsapp to communicate with his clients. I was even more impressed when I learned that he has a new online business profile on the popular ZimShoppingMalls eCommerce Ecosystem. Check out their listing on for more information on their services and contacts. As a result of John’s professionalism and great customer service, I will be referring everyone I know to them for watch repairs, clock repairs and engraving of jewellery or trophies. I believe in supporting a business that delivers on its promise of good service to its clients – I am one happy client!

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