Body Shape – The Pear or Triangle

Body Shape - The Pear Triangle lerato zimshoppingmalls

Through my series on body shapes I hope that many will be better informed to make the best fashion decisions for their bodies. Knowledge is power;) Today we look at the Pear or Triangle body shape.

Do you find that you…

  • Wear a larger size bottom than top?
  • Have narrower shoulders than hips?
  • Have a more slender upper body?

If this sounds a lot like you then you most likely fall into our figure of the day – The Pear or Triangle. With the Pear or Triangle body shape, your bottom half is larger than the top half and your waist slopes out to your hips. You have fuller hips, bottom and thighs.

Again, my goal is to help you create visual balance by dressing proportionally. You will find it easier to sell or better still give away certain items of clothing that you have been hanging onto once you understand why they look so good on the mannequin in the store but not quite so good on you. Once that has been taken care of, you can effortlessly pick out clothes that will look just divine on YOU!

Quick Tips for enhancing your figure #LeRatoSays:

  • Draw attention to your upper body by wearing tops with volume details like ruffles and neck ties. Boat necklines worn sleeveless or with big sleeves and off shoulder styles bring balance to the upper torso. Accessories to draw the eye upward. Throw on a bright coloured scarf if that’s your style. Top and jacket lengths are to be worn either just below the waist or below the hip line. Anything worn to the hip line draws unnecessary attention especially if top and bottom colours are different.
  • Keep your lower half simple and uncluttered. Avoid styles with fullness at the waist or that cling to the hip and thigh. Instead, look out for empire line dress styles with detailed tops and skirts that flare out to just below the knee or all the way down to the ankle. The good old ‘A’ line shirtwaist dress worn with a thin belt also looks great. Skater (circular) style skirts that are clean at the waist flaring out over the hip to a good length that covers the thighs are good.
  • Lastly, keep your light colours on top and your darker ones for the bottom.

Do you know any Pear shaped, gorgeous women? I know a few. Feel free to share this with them. It just might be the tipping point for someone’s 2017. When you look good, you feel GREAT… and when you feel GREAT, you look even better!

#LeRatoSays Everything changes after the first step, so go ahead, decide to take the first step towards changing the status quo. You will be amazed at what it will do for your confidence and the ripple effect it will have on others around you. Remember… You are worth it!

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