BCCC Donates 2 Brand New Bicycles To Sally Mugabe Police Post

BCCC Donates 2 Brand New Bicycles to Sally Mugabe Police post was the exciting news in one of Harare’s new northern suburbs this past weekend – Sally Mugabe Heights located just north of Crowhill Heights. Sometime back we wrote an article about community policing and this bike donation is a good example of one of the fruits of community policing. The bicycle handover to ZRP Borrowdale was attended by Chief Inspector Maripita, Assistant Inspector Manyumbu, Inspector Muchenje, Mr. J Makumbe (BCCC Chairman), Cst. Shonhai, Cst Maphaike, Cst Mwinachibvi, BCCC members including Mr. F Dembetembe, Mr. L Nkomozepi, Mr. G Nobula, Mr. Khumz and members of the Police Constables based in Sally plus several members of the Sally community.

BCCC Donates 2 Brand New Bicycles

The bicycles were donated through BCCC by Mr Grey (an electrician by trade and a resident of Sally Mugabe) who had a meeting with Mr. Khumz, Sally Constables and Neighborhood Watch to discuss ways that BCCC could be of assistance in helping the local police post to more efficiently and effectively carry out it’s duties. It became immediately clear that transport was the most urgently needed resource to enable ZRP officers including local constabularies to better service the vast neighborhood. Sally Mugabe has a fast growing population and as a result, a growing number of incidences needing police attention.

Mr Grey is one of many locals passionate about better security in the community that BCCC is hoping to work with through community policing. This enables not the just the ZRP but also local constabularies and neighborhood watch personnel to more efficiently service the growing neighborhood. According to Mr. Khumz, it is their hope that the community will see the incredible value in them taking ownership and getting involved in assisting the ZRP and working together to reduce crime. Anyone can join a local neighborhood watch and for more details it is best to visit the local police station.

The program over the weekend started with an opening prayer followed by a welcome message from Mr. Khumz then an introduction of senior officers by the CRLO Office (Cst. Shonhai). The community members in attendance were also given the opportunity to introduce themselves. The BCCC Chairman and Cst. Shonhai then spent about 30 minutes educating those at the bike handover on the definition and benefits of community policing. Inspector Muchenje also spoke in relation to the importance of the community working closely with the police in fighting to reduce crime.

Unfortunately the donor, Mr Grey, was late however in his place Mr. Khumz spoke to the crowd on how it came to be that the bicycles were donated and emphasized the importance of everyone getting involved in assisting the ZRP and any other local security setups in making Sally a more friendly and comfortable area to live in – points that were raised and effectively communicated earlier by Chairman J. Makumbe and Cst. Shonhai… The bicyles were officially handed over to Chief Maripita by Mr. Khumz (BCCC) and J. Makumbe (BCCC Chairman), witnessed by all those that attended the community meeting.


BCCC Donates 2 Brand New Bicycles - zrp borrowdale

Chief Maripita ZRP Borrowdale addressed the crowd again emphasizing the importance of community support and working with the ZRP to help fight crime in the area. The Member In Charge also gave examples of instances where community policing helped to not only reduce crime but also catch criminals faster through community cooperation. The Chief communicated that his office and indeed the rest of his officers at Borrowdale police are always available to serve the community.

Many could be seen in the crowd nodding their heads in agreement and the general feeling in the crowd was that of satisfaction and joy at the visit and education from the police. Prior to the meeting some residents were a bit apprehensive but throughout the meeting it was notable that much of the friction or lack of relationship between the community and the police stems from much ignorance (lack of accurate reliable knowledge) that can be addressed through such initiatives that allow the police to interact with the community.

Chief Maripita thanked the BCCC and the community of Sally Mugabe urging for more community involvement to fight crime. Upon the Chief’s conclusion, members that attended were given a chance to address the police and voice their concerns with regards to policing concerns in Sally Mugabe.

Many residents stood up to praise the donation and the enlightenment they received from the various presentations throughout the course of the meeting. It was again evident that the residents truly appreciated seeing the police Chief and his team visit their community and most pledged to be more involved in community policing.

Mr. Ngwenya, a resident also encouraged the police to attend Co-operative meetings so that they can address more residents and continue building better relations between the ZRP and the community. The Chief and other senior officers in attendance all agreed to attend when they receive the invitations. Mr J. Makumbe (BCCC Chairman) urged the residents to ensure that the invitations go out in time to ensure officers avail themselves for this truly progressive initiative in community policing.

After much progressive debates and discussions the meeting concluded with a closing prayer and much jubilation from those who attended – the future looks bright. When the community works with the police to fight crime, the community wins and progress follows as a safe neighborhood invites investment and other upstanding citizens to find homes in the area.

To get more information on BCCC or to find out how you can get involved or to give tips on criminal activity in the Borrowdale area including Sally, Crowhill, Hatcliff, Charlotte Brooke, Adda you can visit www.bccc.businessproiles.co.zw or visit your nearest police post.

NOTE: View more images from the above event on the ZRP Borrowdale BCCC Facebook page: www.facebook.com/zrpborrowdalebccc


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