Barclays Bank VISA Restrictions Zimbabwe

Barclays Bank VISA Restrictions as posted on their social media account will surely catch many clients by surprise and affect Christmas shopping this holiday season. Below is the statement from Barclays Bank on one of their social media accounts.

Please be advised that usage of the VISA card for cross border transactions is now subject to prior arrangements and approvals by Barclays Bank. Applications can be made through your nearest Barclays branch.

This arrangement supersedes any previous limits for cross border payments the bank extended to you prior to this notification. All limits on your local Barclays ZimSwitch-ready debit cards will remain unchanged. You can apply for your local debit card at any of our branches countrywide.

For more information, kindly contact us on +263 4 250759.

We wait to see if other Banks follow suit…

Q: What are your thoughts about this move by Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe? What are your concerns?

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Mary Moyoyo


Mziwane Morgen Mhlope


Abide Moyo

Never rains but pours….

Matonga Tendai Matowe

Barclays ichatinetsa

Fermous Maphosa

barclays is going down fast

Richard John

It is now one of e worst banks in zim.

Richard John

Kuti bira mari ku restricta ma rights edu.