Agent Name: Michelle
Whatsapp No: +263 71 888 2000
Email: info@zimshoppingmalls.co.zw
Agency Level: SAISA

Michelle is a Senior Associate Independent Sales Agent (SAISA) with ZimShoppingMalls. She is also in charge of training new Sales Agents and getting them cultured to the high standards at ZimShoppingMalls where everything we do evolves around our belief that the customer is always right.

She is a holder of an Honors Degree in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe which gives her a deep understanding of how institutions at a macro and micro level relate to each other. She uses this knowledge at ZimShoppingMalls to help our clients boost business with the goal of building a stronger market presents. She has years of experience in sales from her time selling high end fragrances in the Truworth’s, Licorice and Edgar’s stores where she not only out-sold her fellow agents but also received great feedback from customers and her employer (one of the two largest distributors in the country).

Michelle is passionate about market research and is well equipped to find solutions based on real market data in helping companies more effectively and efficiently service it’s target market. As a former model and brand ambassador, she is very eloquent, friendly, professional, hardworking and charismatic.

She is also passionate about given back to the community, in particular disadvantaged children and women. She has visited several children’s homes and organised various campaigns to collect clothing to be donated to marginalised children including Chiedza Child Care.

In her own words Michelle says:

I love the direct role I play in the success of my clients. ZimShoppingMalls is the future of advertising, marketing and online shopping in Zimbabwe. The ZimShoppingMalls network is bringing together customers and businesses in different geographical areas under one roof with business listings, discount coupons, online shopping, job vacancies, for only $1 or less a day membership fee; it’s quite revolutionary! In a market where most companies are looking at ways to reduce expenditure and maximize on their returns, this is truly a progressive solution. Just like my clients, I have learned a great deal about the importance of technology in achieving efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

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Note From Management: Please contact us on info@ZimShoppingmalls.com for any issues or concerns in regards to this Agent. Thank you…