Anxiety With My Newborn’s Development

If you are anything like my husband then you probably have been overly concerned about your baby’s growth pattern since the day he was born. My quick advice is to not be anxious; enjoy the pace your baby is growing because you might miss out on something critical during his or her journey. I am comfortable with the pace that my son is growing because I have understood one critical fact: Every baby is unique and will reach physical and intellectual milestones at a unique/different pace.

And he says he is not anxious

My husband was first stressed that our son’s teeth were taking forever to show up… I was patient and frequently laughed at his Facebook posts. He has never admitted his anxiety but his Facebook posts and routine checkups of my son said it all.

My son is now 10months & 3weeks old. He took his first steps at 10months & 4days old; At 10months & 2weeks old he was walking quite steady. Here is a video of him at 10months & 2weeks old – I think we have our own little Pele in the house… I’m willing to bet anything my husband is getting him football clicks and a Manchester United uniform for Christmas (I called it)…Video of Vidal Andile Khumalo – lil Pele

At 10months & 3weeks baby Vidal has only two teeth although i suspect two more are on their way soon. He seems to also now get upset over things that didn’t matter much when he was younger. Based on several readings and research it appears that he will get over this phase; all you can do now is to comfort him and give him the reassurance that he is safe and you love him. So all you dads out there that are getting a kick out of frightening your little one – stop it!!! The time to play like boys and scare each other will come but at 10months old it’s not the time!

My son has started to say mama while looking at me and when daddy comes in the room he will say ‘baba’ which means daddy or dada in ndebele. He seems more conversational so we are just entertaining the chatter even though half the time it’s gibberish to us we always respond as though it all made sense. He also seems to love music (I really love that and hoping God gives him his mommy’s ability to sing) and he loves ‘The Lion King’… I am struggling with time I allow him to watch television but generally he is allowed when he is eating or hanging out with mom and dad but it’s never more than 30minutes of continuous TV… How do you folks out there feel about infants and TV time?

Because he is now getting to a point where we need to talk to him more we are considering loading his iPad that he got for Christmas last year with all sorts of baby talk applications. Has anyone out there had any experience with iPads and infants? Or any time of tablet? My biggest concern is that while the tablet might be good in teaching him how to count, say his alphabet etc the screen might not be good for his eyes? Any doctors out there are welcome to comment on this one… or anyone that has experience or an opinion on this.

Last but not least, I have noticed that he listens to his dad when he tells him to stop doing something and when mommy says “stop that”, he looks at me almost as if to say “really, really mom…” before he continues doing whatever it is he is not supposed to do. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not overly concerned but thought it was interesting that at such an early age he has decided he can push his luck with mom but not with his old-man – did i say old-man? I meant dad.

So don’t be anxious about your baby’s development progress… Every baby is different and that’s what makes it so special because your experience with your little one will be unique to just you – Enjoy it!!! By The Way, I won’t always write about my experiences with my son but the content will be quite a range from these real life experiences from a new mom (me) to articles from qualified doctors and other partner websites that we are currently negotiating alignment terms. Hopefully you enjoy all forms and levels of articles to come. Please note that any of our readers can submit articles for publication on Please just contact us via our Facebook page and we will respond with instructions within 24hours.

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