Almost Mummy of Two

This is a short story about my journey through my second pregnancy. I found out I was pregnant when I was 8 weeks down the line but I had been suspecting that I was because of my appetite change and because I was very moody and really didn’t like my husband when he was home but missed him tones when he was at work!!! Hands up anyone who can relate to this.

It was a planned pregnancy so I had come off my depo injection and every month I got my period was a disappointment till one day I prayed to God then I totally forgot about it because to me sex had become a baby making act and not making love which can  really douse down the flame. When I let go and let God, that’s when the miracle happened! Funny story, I don’t actually know when we made our baby because my periods where irregular after coming off the depo but I suspect it was round about the time my hubby had been planning my 27th birthday. All I can say is that it was a very exciting time and the rest will be for y’all to figure out, ha ha ha ha ha.

I’m a wine person. On my Sunday afternoons I like to sit, relax, during family time and have me my wine, watch movies and cuddle up! So because we were trying, I had to cut wine out of the Sunday afternoon ritual and it was difficult at first but it had to be done. Cravings, cravings! I mentioned an appetite change being the tell-tale sign of pregnancy. I craved salty things right from the beginning and anything sweet up to now, makes me really nauseous.

I have a 3 year old beautiful and sassy daughter. That pregnancy was e best! I had a cute lil’ belly, nausea only lasted just the first 2 months and I was sooo energetic. My mom would slow me down at work to remind me that I;m pregnant! I enjoyed it a lot. Was always out and about and when I was at home I’d be spring cleaning, moving furniture and vacuuming every other day LOL!! The best part about it was the SEX, yep, I said it! I was always on top (big smile). Now with this pregnancy, things are not going as I thought they would. I STILL have nausea. I’m in my 3rd trimester by the way. Back pain, sciatic nerve, bloating, I’m always tired, have horrible heartburn plus I’m very irritable and unfortunately I hate sex! It’s just not the same! Sorry hubby, I’ll be back to normal soon, you still love me though, RIGHT?!!

Yes we found out the baby’s sex: I’m not one for surprises. I like to plan and prepare myself. My hubby and I made a $100 bet on the baby’s sex. I won, he lost, he totally owes me.It’s been hard trying to explain to our 3 year old daughter about the addition to our family that’s coming soon because to her, IMG-20150512-WA0009it’s just not making sense! When she asked me about my now big belly and I told her it’s a baby, she said a big NO and said that she didn’t want another baby in the house!! When I explained that she would have loads of fun because she would have a new friend to play with everyday and not have to wait for weekend play dates she quickly changed her mind and lately she’s been saying hie baby, kiss kiss baby and says she loves baby. She has been the only child and daddy’s girl so we will see if she is willing to share her Daddy when the time comes. I sure hope she is. Also my husband and I have included her in the things we do in preparation for baby’s arrival like shopping and picking out clothes so she seems to be starting to get it, yaaay!!!

To distress, I go for prenatal massages and at home, my hubby massages my feet. I laugh, a lot! I also take walks in the park. I have been lucky and blessed to such a loving, caring man in my life for he has literally taken off all burdens. He does all the chores now that I’m heavier and don’t have as much energy as I did with my first pregnancy, he even bathes me and sometimes puts nail polish on my toes, hehehe! I’m enjoying it as I know that my days are numbered, LOL.

I had a natural delivery with my first but because I was afraid of the pain, I got an epidural! (Thank God). There is no shame in admitting that you would rather go the less painful route ladies. No one will think any less of you. This is not 1920 and besides, you’ve already gone through 9 months of all kinds of discomforts (and pleasures) so it’s really up to you. If all goes well again this time, I’m hoping for another and I’m looking forward to sharing how my life will be when my baby comes.

Thank you all for taking time to read what my hormones wrote, LOL.

God Bless!

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