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Your Business MUST be online to Survive & Thrive is an eCommerce Content Marketing Ecosystem with a network of critical online tools for businesses and organizations in Zimbabwe including search engine optimization (SEO), business profiles, social media marketing and online shopping. Packed with marketing tools and strategies for any business type.

Great Value - Powerful Tools - Support & Education - Simple - Transparent - SEO

Business Profile Package

$100/365 days

Full eCommerce Package

$365/365 days

School Directory Package

$200/365 days

Understanding The Business Profile Package

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Register Business

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Send Us Your Business Info & Images

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Get a SEO Online Business Profile

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Become More Visible Online

A business profile or company profile essentially tells the story of your company to potential investors, clients, financial institutions or other stakeholders. It communicates who you are even when you are not there; the Internet has increased the chances of getting business from individuals and/or organizations you may never meet in person. This makes your Business Profile not only important but it’s visibility online is more critical than ever.

A good online business profile will contain at least your Company Name & Contact Details, Logo, Business Description (Summary of history, products & services), Corporate Culture (the company’s goals, philosophy, purpose, mission, vision, corporate structure, capacity and testimonials etc), Business Hours, Driving Directions. The best Business Profile respects the notion of LESS IS MORE – it must not be cluttered. Keep in mind that how you say it is more important that what you say in your profile – be concise, articulate, creative and engaging.

Understanding The Full eCommerce Package

The Full eCommerce Package includes everything in the Business Profile Package and the following:

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Register Business

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Upload Products

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Sell Online

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Make More Money

Manage Everything

Get full functionality of your online store from the frontend dashboard – coupons, discounts, reviews, withdraws, earnings reports, support and more on frontend!

Powerful Tools

Our intuitive frontend User Interface, tools & services make it much easier to sign up and start growing your business to over 6 million Zimbabweans online.

Great Value

ZimShoppingMalls offers the best ROI you can find. No matter which package you choose, the cost of the package pays for itself within just a few months.

Full eCommerce Package Features In Detail

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Stylish Storefronts

Every storefront looks professional with location and rating, perfect for branding your business. Stores can also use multiple design templates to get the best look.

Frontend Dashboard For Sellers

Customers and Business/Vendors get access to a rich frontend dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory including sales, orders, discounts and coupons.

zimshoppingmalls multiple product types

Multiple Product Types

The ZimShoppingMalls store front supports simple, variable, downloadable, virtual product, grouped and bookable products. So you have endless opportunity to sell.

Discount Coupon Management

Businesses/Vendors can manage their own products and the discounts they offer. Moreover, vendors can create coupons for special sales!

zimshoppingmalls coupon management zimbabwe shopping malls
zimshoppingmalls Store Insights with Reports and Statement zimbabwe

Store Insights with Reports and Statement

Businesses/Vendors can see store sales report in detail and also get a bird’s eye view on your online store’s performance.

Manage Orders on the Go!

Manage your own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the products.

zimshoppingmalls manage orders on the fly zimbabwe
zimshoppingmalls manage seo for store zimbabwe malls

Manage SEO for Store Page

Your business can manage SEO for the store page. You can write custom SEO meta, store permalink and description from their frontend dashboard.

Vendor Payment Method Setup

Manage your payment methods from your dashboard settings and also set your withdraw method from the frontend.

Social Profiles Integration

You can add your social profiles from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Youtube, Instagram etc. and also link your Facebook stores into your store profile helping you make cross sales.

Increase Brand Value with Product Reviews

Products and Vendors can be reviewed and rated by customers. Good reviews help other customers to gain trust and increase brand value.

Shipping Management

With the shipping extension, you can set global shipping for your store and also override shipping rates from products directly from your frontend dashboard.

Configure your own Store Settings

Businesses can include additional information about their store and brand from the frontend dashboard.

Refunding Customers is Extremely Easy

Customers can request refunds through vendors. Admins will review the requests and issue the refund.

The Most Detailed DOCS Your Eyes Will Lay Upon!

You have access to hundreds of tutorials, tips & tricks, and helpful videos at your service. Design your basic profile as you like with no difficulty.

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