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When your business gets listed on, you join a network of progressive businesses in Zimbabwe. ZimShoppingMalls is not just a business directory – it’s more than that; It’s a business directory essential in today’s technology driven environment.

How many times have you visited websites and realized they have not been updated for a long time, or the design is no longer the same because of the constantly changing technology?  Let us at ZimShopingMalls worry about your visibility online, your technology assisted marketing and advertising while you focus on what you are really good at… you core business! Whether you are just listing in the business directory or also using the powerful optional SEO extensions, our business directory is sure to give you the visibility you need across all the major search engines including google, yahoo, bing. Clients in a lot of the cases dont have to know about ZimShoppingMalls or your business. They just have to be looking for your products or services online and voila… they will find you thanks to our powerful and always changing SEO algorithm that ensures maximum visibility for our clients.

Critical points to know as a business:

  1. When you get listed on your business also get a fully functional e-commerce website with your company logo, business hours, contact details, company profile, preview of products and services and google maps that show exactly where your business is located and how to get there
  2. Your business also gets a FREE account on (a coupon platform) where you can post all your discount coupon promotions or we can design and post these for your business FREE of charge
  3. Your business also gets a FREE account on (an online classifieds style store to ensure your stock is kept current) where you can post all your available stock and prices and if desired also sell online
  4. Your business also gets a FREE account on (jobs platform) where you can post available job vacancies at your organization FREE of charge.


The above listed benefits and those listed below are worth thousands of dollars but can be available to our members for less than a 1$ a day…

Additional Benefits of Listing on

  • Become visible online via smart-phones or any internet enabled gadget
  • Get a one page website with your GPRS location and responsive google map
  • Get high quality sales leads and attract new customers
  • Reactivate old customers and encourage loyalty amongst existing ones through
  • Effectively persuade customers to switch to the promoted brand through discount coupons
  • Enjoy higher turnovers due to higher sales from new bargain shoppers
  • Increase business on slower days by offering discount coupons on specific days
  • Use emerging technologies and social media in marketing strategies on Zim-Shopping-Malls network
  • Consumers will break routine shopping patterns to take advantage of good coupon offers on
  • Influence when and how buyers exercise your coupons through the type of coupons on offer and the terms of the coupons
  • Offer coupons for products which shoppers have expressed interest, a product related to another product, or a product the shopper never buys but you want to promote
  • Use coupons to cross-sell and up-sell, manage surplus inventory and model user consumption

Our Zim Shopping Malls team and/or Authorized Agents can work with each merchant/business to create marketing strategies that promote effective advertising and sales promotions on the network. We can design coupon promotions specific for your establishment by:

  • discussing and identifying the product(s) to be promoted
  • discussing and deciding the amount of discount to be offered
  • discussing and deciding the conditions to be attached to the discounts
  • discussing and deciding the validity period of the coupon


To get listed, email us on or contact one of the agents listed on the ‘Authorized Agents‘ page.

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