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ZimShoppingMalls.com (Zimbabwe Shopping Malls or Zim Shopping Malls) is a network of critical online tools for the modern shopper/client in ZimbabweWe answer the WHAT, WHO, WHY and WHEREs of Shopping.

ZimShoppingMalls About Us

Every company/business listed on ZimShoppingMalls.com gets:

  • a listing webpage (www.FindaCompany.co.zw) that features the main products and services offered by the business (WHAT)
  • business profile including business hours and contact details (WHO)
  • 2 google maps showing exactly how to get to the specific shop/business (WHERE)

Available optional FREE functions include:

  • a discount coupon platform (www.FindaDisocunt.co.zw) for sales promotions that saves consumers money (WHY)
  • an online e-commerce store (www.FindaProduct.co.zw) that can be used to showcase available inventory/stock with prices (CONVENIENCE)
  • ability to sell products and/or services online via the e-commerce function (CONVENIENCE)
  • an online services platform (www.FindaService.co.zw) that can be used to showcase services offered with prices and turn around times (CONVENIENCE)
  • 100 discount coupons printed and distributed by FindaDiscount.co.zw (CONVENIENCE)
  • Immediate reports showing online store activity such as number of visitors viewing each individual item. (CONVENIENCE)
  • ability to post job vacancies on www.FindaJob.co.zw (CONVENIENCE)

Available paid-for optional functions for listed businesses only include:

  • special ‘public holiday pricing‘ on bulk sms for 2cents per sms (must be an active member for 3 preceding months to qualify)
  • banner advertising on ZimShoppingMalls.com network for as little as 45US$ per month (available to active members only)

ZimShoppingMalls FindadiscountOn the Zim Shopping Malls website you can find a specific shopping mall and the member companies located at that shopping mall, or simply click on FindaCompany to look for what you want and our system will show you retailers near you that offer exactly what you are looking for.

In this IT Era, traditional advertising on billboards and other print media is no longer the most effective or efficient way to reach potential consumers. Businesses need to reach consumers 24/7 because consumers need access to information 24/7 – IS YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE?. A website is useless unless many people can find it… Most businesses rush to invest in websites that no one can find because they are not visible online. The ZimShoppingMalls.com network answers this problem for members…

We offer businesses the widest audience of buyers while offering buyers the most extensive online resource of businesses found in Zimbabwe’s shopping malls and shopping centres. Think of ZimShoppingMalls.com as the best way to view shopping malls and the businesses located at those malls without having to leave the comfort of your home. The Zim Shopping Malls call centre can assist you with any shopping questions you might have about our platform or any of the businesses listed on our platform.

Did you know…?

  • 95% of customers like discount coupons
  • 60% of all customers actively use coupons

Coupons are certificates that entitle the bearer to stated savings on the purchase of a specific product or service bundle. The consumer visits www.FindaDiscount.co.zw and prints out store coupons with his or her printer then redeems them in the store within the valid period.

The Zim Shopping Malls Network includes: 1) FindaCompany.com (business directory) 2) FindaProduct.co.zw (online store – find a product)3) FindaDiscount.co.zw (discount coupon platform) 4) FindaService.co.zw (Find a Service)5) FindaJob.co.zw (job vacancy ads) 

Our offices are located at 149 Purleyway, Harare, Zimbabwe.

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