10 Things You Should Do Before Becoming A Mom

Are you pregnant and expecting your first child? If so, here are a few things which you absolutely must enjoy guiltlessly before your little one comes along.

1. Sleep in
Pick a few days out of the week to stay in bed past your normal wake-up time. No alarms, no pressing issues to attend to. Just lay in bed and enjoy having nowhere else to be. In a few months you’ll have no say as to what time you go to bed or get up or how many hours of sleep you’ll get a night. Now is your chance to just sleep and not feel bad.

2. Take long showers/baths
Long, uninterrupted bathroom time will become a thing of the past once baby comes. You might sneak in a quick bath while they nap but they’ll also be a thousand other things you’ll want to do with these few precious minutes. You’ll probably want to nap as well and you are encouraged to do so in order to recharge and refresh. So indulge yourself in some good bathroom time. It very well might become a luxury.

3. Eat at a fancy restaurant
There are ways to eat out when baby is born. In the event that you manage to catch the perfect time when they are not sleepy, they don’t have a wet diaper, they are not cranky because of gas or teething and the weather is absolutely right, THEN you can take baby out with you and have them sit in a high chair or get a baby sitter to come along. Otherwise, eating out will most likely become making a quick stop for takeaways and munching in the car on your way home. Pick a lovely restaurant and enjoy the outing.

4. Do your hair
This applies whether you do your own hair or you go to a salon to get it done. I would advise that you go all out while you have the time for it. Have it washed, do an oil treatment, give your hair the best care and why not get your nails done too. I am not one for taking babies to salons because of hygiene reasons, the noise from hair dryers, unfamiliar surroundings and people. It’s all just too much. You can however look for hair dressers who make house calls but while you can, enjoy the trip to the salon and take your time.

5. Wear your favorite pair of heels
Most pregnant women report having swollen feet at some point during pregnancy and after the baby is born, it is not uncommon that the feet even though they are not swollen anymore, do not quite go back to their pre-pregy size. If you still have the guff to walk around in heels then you should absolutely rock your favorite pair but carry a pair of flats as well because you should give your back a break from the heels every so often. This will be a good send off as you might have to re-gift them. If you are fortunate enough to still fit them after baby is born then it might be a while before you get the perfect opportunity to wear them, baby in arms and all.

6. Wear jewelry
Dangling earrings and necklaces will catch your baby’s attention and it probably won’t be until about 2 years old when they will be able to resist the urge to grab and tug at your jewelry or at least understand when you say no. You probably won’t want to wear makeup either unless you want face powder all over your baby’s romper and blanket. Wear your jewelry before baby comes then put it away otherwise you’ll have to throw it out when it breaks if you cannot find someone to repair it. Exhibit A…sisusami_jewellery

7. Do a pregnancy portrait
This I absolutely regret not doing. At the time, I felt like a whale. Huge and I didn’t think I’d want evidence of this, EVER. I had one shade on my face and another shade on my neck. A much darker shade which I couldn’t hide and couldn’t fix (or so I thought). Looking back, I really wish I’d just chosen a stunning outfit, gotten a great photographer and had a pregnancy portrait done. You might not feel like it right now but you will wish you had done it.

8. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read
Now would be the perfect time to delve into some pleasure reading. If you haven’t already cultivated the discipline of reading then you’re like me and you have that one particular book (or 10) that you’ve heard raving comments about and have really been meaning to read but haven’t quite gotten round to it. While you still have peace and quiet and plenty time to yourself, why not get comfy and read away. You can actually combine this with number 1 which was sleeping in. Wake up, have a lazy morning with nothing much on the agenda but breakfast in a bed with you and that book.

9. Watch movies all night
Staying up all night watching movies is not very inviting when you’ve got a busy day ahead, or you’re sleep deprived and oh, can you just turn the volume down before you wake up the baby!!! But hey, while you’re on leave from work and have nothing to do tomorrow but sleep in, why not have a movie marathon. Some movies I’d suggest, Cheaper By the Dozen 1 & 2 and What To Expect When You’re Expecting. This might influence your decision on how many tiny tots you would like to have. Throw in a couple of series, grab a blanket, pillow and snacks and you’re good to go.

10. Spring clean
I don’t have a helper in my home (yet) and while I was pregnant, one of the best pieces of advice I got was to spring clean a few weeks before baby came because it made cleaning up a not so mammoth task after baby came. I did not have a whole lot of energy though so I did it over a few days, one room at a time. I de-cluttered the house and gathered up clothes and shoes which were piled up in the cupboard and hadn’t been worn in years. The result of my diligence was a super clean home to welcome our new arrival and 3 suitcases full of goodies that I donated to Chiedza Child Care. The center takes care of over 500 less privileged children from the ages of 0-18. They also aid families who are struggling financially so if you do decide to spring clean and find that you have things you are no longer in need of and want to donate them to Chiedza, please do shoot me an email and we’ll get your gift to them. Keep an eye out, SisuSami will be doing lots of charity work to give a helping hand to these amazing kids at Chiedza. Get involved and touch lives. It’s so fulfilling.

Having listed 10 things to do before you become a parent, I feel the need to add on that I’m not saying your life will be over once baby comes. Quite the opposite actually. A new and beautiful life will begin. A life with your bundle of joy who depends on you and needs your care and love every step of the way. Your priorities will change as you reshuffle things to suit the star of the show. Pamper yourself while your role is in the process of adapting. A few more weeks and you’re a mom! Congratulations!!! Do share what you enjoy and might have to temporarily give up when baby comes or what you wish you had done before your baby came in the comments below.

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Loved this and I totally agree with all these points. I only managed to do 7 – 10 though as my morning sickness, swollen feet and pelvic pain pretty much put a stop to everything. I often reminisce about having a good night sleep and long baths…..?. I’m with you… Read more »